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Virtual Halloween photo contest winners

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Team Carlsbad,

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s virtual Halloween photo contest! We had quite the competition and creativity! Check out all the submissions and category award winners below.

Best team costume submissions


"Clerk of Thrones" City Clerk

Land Development Engineering

Library Learning Center

"CaTS in HATS" Collections & Technical Services, Library

Library #2

Police Traffic Safety


Best individual costume submissions

Shoshana Aguilar, CMWD

Ashlee Benson, Aquatics

Susan Burke (1), Library

Susan Burke (2), Library

Vicky Cline, Aquatics

Elizabeth Curley, Library

Emad Elias, Engineering

Fiona Everett, Library

Chris Gray, Aquatics

Sheri Hanlon and Simone the Pirate, Library

Lori Joyce, Library

Celica McInvale, Aquatics

Erin Peak, Library

Rachael Shay, Parks and Recreation

Wanda Wease, Communication & Engagement

Kids of Team Carlsbad costume submissions

Alana and Ashton (Rachel Muller, IT)

Alice (Chad Kantner, Parks and Recreation)

Ameilia (Emad Elias, Engineering)

Andre (Shoshana Aguilar, CMWD)

Ahsoka Rei (granddaughter of Stephanie Harrison, Utilities; Paul Harrison, P&R; Andrea Hilliard, Library)

Aurora and Hendrix (Jesse Castenada, Public Works)

Brielle, Zoe, Everlee (Morgen Fry, City Hall)

Declan (Andrea Hilliard, Library)

Faye Powers (Megan Powers, Public Works)

Elizabeth (Tracy Ritzer, Police)

Georgiesaurus (Nikki Matosian, Communication & Engagement)

Jeff Powers and son (Information Technology)

Juniper Ladybug (Kylee Seal, Library)

Kaylee (Jesse Castaneda, Public Works)

Leah and Colette Snyder (Eli Snyder, Housing & Homeless Services)

Luca Aguilar (Shoshana Aguilar, CMWD)

Natalia Yackel (Eleida Yackel, Public Works)

River (Emily Guinaugh, Human Resources)

Santino (Irma Cazarez, Housing & Homeless Services)

Pets of Team Carlsbad costume submissions

Bandit (Sue Armstrong, Communication & Engagement)

Cleopuptra (Susan Burke, Library)

Cooper (Amanda Baker, Police)

Guiness (Sheila Crosby, Library)

Indiana Bones (Susan Burke, Library)

Lola Aquaman (Christina Puchi, Information Technology)

Margo (Cassidy McCarthy, Public Works)

Mrs. Puff (Tina Ray, Communication & Engagement)

Phil Great Pumpkin (Jodee Reyes, Police)

Thor (Wanda Wease, Communication & Engagement)

Toastie (Sheila Crosby, Library)

Whiskey (Sheila Crosby, Library)

Wonder Woman Sadie (Cheryl Gerhardt, Finance)

Zara and Mia (Faviola Medina, City Clerk)

And the winners are...

Best team costume - Library Learning Center

Best individual costume - Elizabeth Curley (Library)

Best kids costume- Natalia Yackel (Eleida Yackel, Public Works)

Best pet costume-Lola Aquaman (Christina Puchi, Information Technology)

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