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City of Carlsbad Brand

What exactly do we mean by a brand? It is far more than just a logo or a slogan. A brand is the impression left by everything that we say or do.


A brand is what people remember about us when we aren’t around.


When you get right down to it, every organization, product and service has a reputation. That is what branding is all about. By following the guidelines outlined in the following pages, you will help the City of Carlsbad speak with one voice in all that we do, create positive relationships with the people we serve and convey value to our taxpayers.

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Who We Are
Our Location

The City of Carlsbad is ideally situated in north San Diego County where a great climate, beautiful beaches and lagoons, and abundant natural open space, combine with world class resorts, family attractions, well-planned neighborhoods, a diverse business sector and a charming village atmosphere to create the ideal California experience.

Our Residents

Residents of Carlsbad are well educated, informed and involved in their community. They appreciate the city’s rich heritage and natural beauty. They have high expectations, and the City of Carlsbad is committed to meeting them.

Our Business Community

Businesses in Carlsbad contribute to the excellent quality of life by providing diverse job opportunities, clean operations and a strong, diverse economy. Tourism, recreational and lifestyle companies, and cutting edge high tech and biotech industries form the backbone of our city’s economy, while small and niche-oriented businesses provide balance and variety to the business community.

Our Staff

The city’s experienced, caring and professional staff works collaboratively with residents and the business community to provide a forward-thinking, responsible government that is dedicated to supporting the city’s high standards while delivering great value.

What Do We Stand For

The City of Carlsbad distinguishes itself from other cities by the concepts put forth in its mission, vision and values.

City of Carlsbad Mission

The City of Carlsbad enhances the lives of all who live, work and play in our city by setting the standard for providing top quality, efficient local government services.

Our Vision

A world class city.

Organizational Values

We conduct ourselves with integrity, openness, courage and professionalism, driven by a calling to serve others.


We are thoughtful, resourceful and creative in our quest for continuous improvement, always looking for better faster ways to get things done.


We responsibly manage the public resources entrusted to us.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards because our community deserves the best.


We help people achieve their personal best by creating an environment where they feel trusted, valued and inspired.


We communicate openly and directly. Promoting engagement and collaboration makes our organization better and our community stronger.

Community Vision

These nine core values make up the Carlsbad Community Vision and are highlighted throughout all city communication.


Small town feel, beach community character and connectedness

Enhance Carlsbad’s defining attributes—its small town feel and beach community character. Build on the city’s culture of civic engagement, volunteerism and philanthropy.


Open space and the natural environment

Prioritize protection and enhancement of open space and the natural environment. Support and protect Carlsbad’s unique open space and agricultural heritage.


Access to recreation and active, healthy lifestyles

Promote active lifestyles and community health by furthering access to trails, parks, beaches and other recreation opportunities.


The local economy, business diversity and tourism

Strengthen the city’s strong and diverse economy and its position as an employment hub in north San Diego County. Promote business diversity, increased specialty retail and dining opportunities, and Carlsbad’s tourism.


Walking, biking, public transportation and connectivity

Increase travel options through enhanced walking, bicycling and public transportation systems. Enhance mobility through increased connectivity and intelligent transportation management.



Build on the city’s sustainability initiatives to emerge as a leader in green development and sustainability. Pursue public/private partnerships, particularly on sustainable water, energy, recycling and foods.


History, the arts and cultural resources

Emphasize the arts by promoting a multitude of events and productions year-round, cutting-edge venues to host world class performances, and celebrate Carlsbad’s cultural heritage in dedicated facilities and programs.


High quality education and community services

Support quality, comprehensive education and lifelong learning opportunities, provide housing and community services for a changing population, and maintain a high standard for citywide public safety.


Neighborhood revitalization, community design and livability

Revitalize neighborhoods and enhance citywide community design and livability. Promote a greater mix of uses citywide, more activities along the coastline and link density to public transportation. Revitalize the downtown Village as a community focal point and a unique and memorable center for visitors, and rejuvenate the historic Barrio neighborhood.

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