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Inside Carlsbad Newsletter – February 2022

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Many departments, one team

By Scott Chadwick, City Manager

I’m happy to kick off our first employee newsletter of the new year. This is one of the important ways we can stay connected across all our different departments here at the city. We want to be sure to celebrate the notable milestones achieved by our teammates, professionally and personally.

Speaking of milestones, the City Council is in the process of developing its first strategic plan. This plan will serve as our road map for the next five years, helping to align all city staff and departments under common priorities to support our community’s vision for the future. The plan will replace the annual goal setting process and allow us to work toward some exciting initiatives consistently over the next five years.

One of the most gratifying parts of the strategic planning process has been the opportunity for departments and divisions to collaborate on shared priorities. I love seeing our employees bringing their own areas of expertise to work as one big team.

Finally, diversity, equity and inclusion was an important theme when the City Council first started the planning process last March. In this issue we highlight the work of our employee committee and our new Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Manager.

Happy reading!



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