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Training and Development Opportunities

Summer is (almost) here! Take advantage of our city’s training and development opportunities. Check out the latest edition of our Carlsbad Academy course catalog is now available. Pick one up at a break room near you or take a look at the online version below.

It’s always a good time to connect with your supervisor to talk about your own development goals and see how our current offerings could support those goals.

Keep in mind that not all professional development happens in a formal setting. You can also check out regular and ebooks from the library for free, watch a TED talk or take advantage of, also free with a Carlsbad library card (if you haven’t heard of, check it out).

Most of all, share what you learn with your coworkers and bring new ideas back to your teams to discuss. That way, we will all help reinforce a culture of continual improvement and innovation (which makes all of our work more fun!).

Darrin and Emily are also looking to add new training opportunities and invite you to share your thoughts about any topic or training ideas with them.


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