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Successful Public Engagement: Explained

The Carlsbad community is more engaged than ever, which means city staff need to bring their A game when planning public meetings. See what we've learned and use it to make your own engagement efforts even more successful.


You have likely noticed an increased emphasis on community engagement over the past year. We are hearing more from residents who want to be involved in city issues, and our City Council has asked us to gather input to help in their decision-making.


Public engagement used to mean holding a meeting and taking comments. Today, there are many more options available, and we’re using all of them, depending on the topic and who it affects.

See a Public Meeting in 35 Seconds


When do we involve the public? This question comes up a lot. Generally speaking, the earlier the better.


The first step is to contact the city’s Communication & Engagement team to discuss options and map out a plan. They are here to support staff in all city departments successful engage with the community, get input you can use and build trusting relationships with those we serve.

More information is available on the Communications page of the intranet.


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