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Reminiscing – past employee BBQs

Thursday, June 18 was scheduled to be our Employee Summer BBQ at Aviara Community Park. It’s usually a day to grab a delicious lunch, but more importantly it’s an event that brings staff together who normally don’t get to spend time with each other.

This would also be a time for me to personally thank you for all your hard work, and let you know how much I appreciate all you do to make the City of Carlsbad the best run local government!

Alas, we can’t gather in-person for our BBQ this week, but please know I am grateful for the role each of you play to make Carlsbad such a special city. Enjoy these pictures from previous year’s events. And I encourage you to find other ways to connect with your co-workers this week from other departments. Send an email. Schedule a video call on Teams. We are all one team, making a difference in the community and having a little fun while we’re at it.

Keep up the great work, Team Carlsbad!

- Scott Chadwick


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