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Realignment of City Organizational Management

Today I am announcing a few updates to our city organizational structure. All the details are in the video linked below, and you can also check out the new org chart on the city website.

Although on paper these changes might seem minor, they are an important piece of a long-term strategy to:

  • Support employees with the structure and resources needed to deliver excellent service

  • Facilitate employee collaboration and communication at all levels of the organization

  • Empower decision-making at the right levels of management

  • Set the organization up to be the very best run municipal government

Some of the other things in the works along these lines include:

  • A revamp of our annual budget process that takes a fresh look at staffing levels and department needs

  • A new approach to how we identify and prioritize major construction projects

  • A digital roadmap that will lay out our course for using technology to improve efficiency, enhance customer service and become a more connected Carlsbad

Over the past year, starting as chief operations officer, and now as city manager, I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know this organization better, thinking about the opportunities before us, and listening to your feedback and ideas.

One thing that has come across loud and clear is that this organization has been through a lot of change already. Not only was it my goal to limit the amount of changes to our org chart, but to set us up for the long term to adapt and thrive in this rapidly changing, technology-based global economy.

Here’s the video link. Your department directors will be checking in over the next few weeks to answer any questions that come up specific to your areas. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to me directly.


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