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Peer Award Winners

2019 Peer Award Recipients

Unsung Hero, Jennifer Chapman

Sportsmanship, Eliane Paiva

Rookie of the Year, Ashlee Benson

Most Valuable Player, Lizeth Simonson

Pennant Winner, Administrative Services - Budget Team

Most Team Assists, Andrea Hilliard

Most Inspirational Player, Morgen Fry

Coach of the Year, Simone Fanene

Closer, Debbie Jo McCool

Recognized Peer Award Nominees

Unsung Hero Hall of Fame player the team can always rely on. This player has demonstrated dependability and consistency over the course of their career.

Deborah Baird

Diana Chuang

Flora Waite

Jason Haber

Jennifer Chapman

Jose Escandon

Jose Estrada Jr.

Juan Ramirez

Leticia Reyes

Mick Calarco

Miguel Castillo

Mike Peterson

Ryan Baldwin

Sergeant Chris Karches

Tim Kane Sportsmanship Hall of Fame player who’s always first to help you if you fall down. Throughout their career, whether they’re five feet away or on another team, this player has consistently helped teammates get back on their feet.

Construction maintenance crew

Eliane Paiva

Emad Elias

Rachael Shay

Robbie Hickerson

Shea Sainz

Sheila Cobian

Torrey Wolf

Rookie of the Year All Star player who was new to the team this past year, but didn’t just sit on the bench. This player has already made an impact and is poised to hit it out of the park.

Andrea Giaconelli

Ashlee Benson

Aurora Moreno-Valdez

Kassandra Lopez

Kaylin McCauley

Lindsay Peck

Michael Tully

Nathan Lynch

Officer Jeff Asper

Reyna Diaz

Roxanne Muhlmeister

Sue Armstrong

Teresa Hodges

Most Valuable Player Most outstanding player of the past year. Demonstrating heart, integrity and determination, this teammate achieved significant accomplishments on and off the field.

Andy Burton

Chris Sexton

Craddock Stropes

Eliane Paiva

Esther Lan

Gary Hornby

Jennifer Chapman

Kim Stankavich

Lizeth Simonson

Rosanne Humphrey

Roxanne Muhlmeister

Sandra Roth

Pennant Winner All Star team or division with a winning record this season. These players worked together to achieve significant accomplishments this year.

Administrative Services – Budget Team

Carlsbad Police Department (D-1)

Housing & Neighborhood Services

Information Technology Team

Library & Cultural Arts Administrative Support Team

Public Works - Brian Bacardi's Team

Storm Drain Maintenance and Operations

Most Team Assists All Star player who supported their teammates to clear every hurdle this past year. This player is a solution-oriented problem solver, and faced any and all challenges head on.

Amy Hazen

Andrea Hilliard

Babaq Taj

Carol Jimenez

Chris Hensley

Daniel Zimny

Debbie Jo McCool

Erika Benitez

Gary Hornby

Heidi Wyner

June Acosta

Neill Collins

Pam Drew

Patti Crescenti

Paul Ho

Sandra Roth

Sean Reese

Sue Armstrong

Construction maintenance crew

Most Inspirational Player All Star player who inspired the team with their enthusiasm this past year. This player sets an example of positivity and excellence for all those around them.

Dawn Ulloa

Emad Elias

Leah Sorensen

Michael Espudo

Morgen Fry

Noemi Jaramillo

Rachel Roberts

Shea Sainz

Vicki Quiram

Coach of the Year All Star player who consistently offered sound, professional advice to encourage teammates this past year. This player is a helpful mentor, committed to the team and shared areas of opportunity or constructive feedback.

Jeff Chumbley

Jessica Padilla Bowen

Joy Reinke

Judy von Kalinowski

Kevin Gohres

Paul Burnette

Simone Fanene

Tim Murphy

Tony Pacheco

Tonya Rodzach

Tracy Stayton

Vicki Quiram

Closer Hall of Fame player who’s always ready to come in when the game is on the line. Throughout their career, this dependable and reliable player has overseen the final details needed to get them over the finish line.

Debbie Jo McCool

Della Russell

Kyle Lancaster

Laurel Weber

Michael Pugliese

Steven Didier

Valane Jones


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