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New employee recognition program

Drumroll please… we’re excited to announce that City Council approved a new way to recognize all the great work done by city employees.

Through the new Discretionary Leave Program, current full or part-time city employees who demonstrate exceptional performance, going above and beyond their normal daily work expectations, are eligible to be recommended for discretionary leave hours from their supervisors and directors.

All levels of supervisors and directors can grant discretionary leave in increments of one hour to 24 hours, which are recommended to be proportional to the exceptional work performed.

As the city continues to emphasize employee recognition and engagement, it’s exciting to have the Discretionary Leave Program added to that list!

Who is eligible?

  • Current full-time and part-time employees who have worked for the City of Carlsbad for at least six months

  • Recipients must have no disciplinary documents in their personnel file issued in last 12 months or be the subject of a current workplace investigation


  • Discretionary leave should be issued as close as possible to the exceptional performance and should be taken as soon as possible after being granted as it is not intended to be accrued over time.

  • An employee may receive no more than 48 hours of discretionary leave per calendar year

For more information about the new Discretionary Leave Program or any other employee recognition programs, contact Human Resources Manager Lori Shonley at or 442-303-2971.



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