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Mastering working from home

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Even though more businesses are now allowed to open, the current public health order calls for all organizations to use telecommuting as much as possible. Telecommuting helps keep employees safe and healthy and reduces the community spread of COVID-19.

The City of Carlsbad will extend our teleworking program through July 6. This means if you can do your job from home and are not needed to support the city’s emergency response efforts in other ways, please continue to work remotely. Please continue to work closely with your supervisors if you have questions regarding your telecommuting assignments, and read this memo for details.

So, as we continue to settle in to our “new normal,” many of us are navigating the telecommuting challenges (and perks!) - here are some helpful guidelines, tips and resources for you to master working from home.

Getting set up! This guide was prepared to provide information and tools to support employees who work remotely.

Master the fine art of the virtual meeting. Whether it's looking your best on camera finding the perfect lighting or getting the right sound check. Here are some tip making sure your video meetings are professional and productive.

Zoom Meeting Security Protocol Be safe during virtual meetings. Review these tips on how to manage and maintain safe and secure virtual meetings.

Your Home Workstation Setup Ergonomic tips for working from home. Here's a helpful guide to review how your home workspace is set up and how to maximize comfort and prevent injury.


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