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Creating Your Individual Development Plan

I’d like to encourage all employees to consider signing up for our new class, Individual Development Plan Writing.

Whether you’re happy in your current role or interested in career advancement, this class is designed to help you take charge of your professional future and personal engagement. You’ll walk away ready to:

  • Build on what motivates you in your current role.

  • Develop a professional development plan that supports your division, department and city as a whole.

  • Work with your supervisor to balance your day to day work with longer term career goals.

  • Take advantage of training resources available to support you.

This class is the complement to the one taken recently by supervisors, Engaging With Your Employees. We will offer another session of that class next week, for any supervisors who have not yet taken it. 

Together these new classes are designed to strengthen our culture of ongoing feedback and continuous improvement.

Individual Development Plan Writing

When: Wednesday, 9/12 

Where: Safety Training Center Class #1

Time: 8am-11am

Register via Lawson

When: Thursday, 10/18 

Where: Safety Training Center Class #1

Time: 8am-11am OR 1pm-4pm

Register via Lawson

Engaging With Your Employees (supervisors only)

When: Tuesday, 9/11 

Where: Faraday, Room 173A

Time: 1pm-5pm

Register via Lawson

Scott Chadwick

City Manager


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