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CPR/First Aid Training

Be prepared by getting trained!

Who Should Attend?

EVERYONE! This course is designed for citizen rescuers at work, home or out in the community and is approved by over 100 local, state and federal agencies throughout the United States.

What Will I Learn?

CPR and First Aid guidelines for this course reflect the 2017 American Heart Association CPR, ECC guidelines, International First Aid Science Advisory Board, and meets or exceeds the requirements by Federal OSHA for the designated workplace responder.

Topics include: CPR overview, CPR barriers, adult/child/infant CPR, responding to emergencies, rescuer stress, legal issues, blood borne pathogen awareness, heart attack, stroke, adult/child/infant choking, bleeding/shock/trauma, first aid, soft tissue injuries, burns, allergic reactions and diabetic emergencies and more!

Who is the Trainer?

Tony Wren, Paramedic Captain with LA County. Tony has twenty-nine years of professional and dedicated service to the fire department. For 18 years, he worked on a paramedic squad providing lifesaving skills and responding to life’s disasters. For the past six years, as a Fire Captain, he has supervised and overseen hundreds of disasters, medical and fire emergencies, and provided routine fire safety to the citizens of Los Angeles County.

CPR Training

When: Tuesday, Aug. 13

Where: Faraday, 173B

Time: 8 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Register via Lawson


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