An Invitation To Be Curious

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

As I mark my first month as the city’s new chief innovation officer, I wanted to thank everyone for making me feel so welcome. I can already see why people refer to the City of Carlsbad team as a family.

What are you curious about?

Speaking of family, I have two boys, 3-year-old and an 11-month-old. They are both very curious. The toddler is inquisitive, but cautious (aside from trying to drink a bottle of Windex). His younger brother, on the other hand, appears to have some sort of death wish. He hurtles himself headlong off the couch, roots around in the cupboards and, when the time comes, will no doubt be the first one to jump in the deep end of the pool.

Finding the right balance of curiosity and thoughtfulness is key to a successful innovation agenda. It’s the difference between making giant strides and getting lost down rabbit holes.

Many of you have already reached out to me with ideas, lessons learned and, yes, good ol’ fashioned curiosity. Let’s keep this conversation going!

Over the coming weeks, I would love to hear more thoughts about innovation:

What are you curious about?

How can that curiosity contribute to making Carlsbad the very best city it can be?

Feel free to email me, stop me in the halls or even start a conversation on Twitter or LinkedIn. I look forward to connecting!