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Speak Now ... Last Day to Take Employee Engagement Survey

Today is the last day to take the employee engagement survey. It only takes 5 – 10 minutes to complete and will provide valuable information on how we can make the city organization even better. You have until midnight!

To take the survey, click on the following link and enter your employee ID and your last name to begin.

Don't know your employee ID? Log into My Timecard at and look in the upper left corner of the screen next to your name.

Responses to the survey are completely anonymous. BlessingWhite, the city’s outside consulting firm managing the survey, will not share results with anyone in the city. If you have any other questions about the survey, please refer to the article on the city’s intranet site here:

This survey will help managers better understand how employees are feeling about their jobs and how we can make the City of Carlsbad an even better place to work. Here is some additional info about the survey:

Who is conducting the survey?

The survey will be administered by a consulting firm called BlessingWhite, considered one of the nation’s top specialists in the area of employee engagement.

Will responses be kept anonymous?

Yes. Not only will the survey be administered by a third party, but BlessingWhite will not provide the City of Carlsbad with any individual responses, only aggregated data. We want employees to feel comfortable sharing their honest feedback.

Who will have access to the results?

  • The summarized data will be available on the intranet to all employees

  • Supervisors who have six or more direct or indirect reports who complete the survey will get aggregated data from those employees.

  • Department heads will see aggregated department data and share with their department staffs.

Is this the same as the survey that was done in 2015?

Yes, with the exception that the survey will no longer have questions about the “pay for performance” system.

Will we be able to see how things compare to the 2015 results?


Is the survey for full time and part time staff?


Was part time staff included last time?

No, but we understand that we have a large number of part time staff, and their engagement and satisfaction are just as important as our full time staff.

How will employees without regular access to a computer take the survey?

The survey can be taken from a mobile device or a computer. The city will provide computer stations where employees can arrange to take the survey, and posters with QR codes will be in break rooms for employees who want to pull up the survey on their personal devices.

Will the survey be available in Spanish?


Is participation mandatory?

No, but we strongly encourage you to take the survey. We want to know how we’re doing. We understand concerns about privacy may keep you from participating. That is why it was so important for us to work with BlessingWhite as a third party that guarantees complete anonymity. We want you to feel confident that your individual responses will never be known to anyone but our consulting firm.

Why are we doing the survey now?

The first engagement survey was done in 2015. It’s a good practice to check in from time to time to see how things are going. We chose November because that’s when the last one was done.

What was done with the 2015 results, and what will happen with the most recent results?

Based on the results of the 2015 survey, the city has changed a number of things, including how we compensate and recognize employees, how new employees are brought into the organization, what is expected of supervisors, how internal communication is handled, and providing more opportunities for staff connection and collaboration. Depending on the results of the 2018 survey, we will develop similar efforts to ensure we address any areas of concern and maintain those things that are working well.

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