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Steps to take if you test positive COVID-19

Employee Positive COVID-19 Test: In-House Procedures

If a city employee receives a positive COVID-19 test result, they should;

Notify their supervisor who will notify the Emergency Operations Center, in the following order (just notify first to answer):

  • Fire Rescue Branch Director, 760-931-2120

  • EOC Coordinator, 760-931-7671

  • EOC Director, David Harrison, 760-484-0247

  • The ill staff member should report: Are they confirmed to have COVID-19? Or are they just calling to report illness? Staff member should leave their name and call back number.

Emergency Operations Center notifies Human Resources of the incident:

  • Judy von Kalinowski, 760-473-4670

  • Darrin Schwabe, 760-271-5548

  • Emily Guinaugh, 760-621-1222

Human Resources will collect the following information from the employee:

  • Any suspected or known exposure they may be aware of?

  • Any other sick employees? Did they have contact with them?

  • What was the time and date of first signs/symptoms?

  • What was the timeframe from signs/symptoms to when they were tested? How much time between when they were tested to when they received results?

  • Identify close contacts at work immediately prior to the employee experiencing first signs/symptoms.

    • Close contacts are those individuals who worked closest to or with the individual (same shift, same office, same apparatus or vehicle for a 1-2 minute timeframe, etc.), within 6 feet for a 1-2 minute timeframe or had direct contact with infectious secretions of COVID-19 case (coughed or sneezed on).

  • Inform employee to self-isolate

Human Resources informs contacts of possible exposure (without naming the employee) and instructs them to self-monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID-19.

Employees who had close contact will self-quarantine and telecommute, if needed.

The work area of the positive employee will be cleared of any other personnel.

The supervisor of positive employee will contact Facilities for decontamination of work and common areas:

  • Barney Dresman, 769-331-8272

  • Brian Bacardi, 760-585-8076

  • John Maashoff, 760-802-7807

The positive employee will complete Employee Report of Injury remotely and email it to their supervisor.

The supervisor of the positive employee will notify Human Resources Benefits and email the completed Employee Report of Injury, Supervisor Report of Injury and Department of Workers Compensation DWC-1 forms to any of the following contacts:

  • Donna Hernandez, 760-707-4998

  • Sarah Reiswig, 760-500-9335

  • Emily Guinaugh, 760-621-1222

If there was a documented work-related exposure: Human Resources will place a call to Work Partners to set up telemedicine visits under the new injury claim.

Work Partner clinicians will serve as a Primary Treating Physician and monitor the patient through periodic visits.

  • Patient will be referred to an emergency room if required

  • Patient may be asked to come into the clinic for additional testing (labs, X-ray, etc.). If that is the case, Work Partners will coordinate the patient’s visit to one of our clinics utilizing very specific protocols we have in place.

Once the patient has cleared symptoms, an in-person appointment will be made for Return to Work clearance.

Work Status reports will be generated for all visits as usual.

***These procedures are subject to change based on new guidelines.***


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