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Serving the community, rain or shine

Happy Monday, Team Carlsbad!


We had quite the deluge to kick off last week, so it’s only natural I begin this week’s update with a shout out to those who braved the elements to keep our community safe. But that’s only the start of how our team continues to go above and beyond.


Rain, floods on a January Monday


Record rain made for traffic backups, flooded roads, power outages and uprooted trees in Carlsbad last week, but that’s when crews from across our city sprung into action.

Our Public Works teams fanned out to keep our traffic lights on, clear the storm drains, keep our facilities dry and safeguard our projects sites. In fact, our crews quickly filled 32 potholes that opened on the day of the storm.


Our Police Department managed traffic when roads had to be closed, while our Fire Department responded to multiple collisions that came in the wet weather.


All in all, I’m so grateful for how well prepared your teams were and how quickly you responded to be out in the community – something that exemplifies being brilliant at the basics.


Marathon crowds no match for traffic control


Each year, thousands of people head down to the Village for the annual Carlsbad Marathon, an event that understandably leads to road closures.


The marathon course heads down Carlsbad Boulevard and passes St. Michael’s by the Sea Episcopal Church around the same time as the 9:30 Sunday morning service. While the city has worked each year to help parishioners get to the service, this year, the church contacted the city to say the prior efforts could be improved.


I’m proud to report that our Parks & Recreation staff and Police worked with St. Michaels and the marathon organizer to formulate a new plan. On the marathon day, staff and volunteers assisted parishioners at predesignated sites at set times along the route. They cleared the way for people to cross Carlsbad Boulevard – and, success – parishioners got to church on time!


The day after the race, a reverend from the church told us that Sunday went off almost without a hitch. Attendance was much stronger than in recent years during the marathon, and he thanked our staff for their care and attentiveness.


Many thanks to everyone involved for planning and hosting a safe and fun signature Carlsbad event.


First Amendment notices


I wanted to make sure you saw the notice from Human Resources about individuals conducting what are called “First Amendment Audits.”


From time to time, government offices are visited by individuals conducting “First Amendment Audits.” This usually involves recording employees and public spaces to see if anyone tries to stop them, thus potentially violating their First Amendment rights. If you haven’t heard of this, you can find videos online.


The courts have ruled over the years that, generally speaking, people may record in public areas of government buildings, parking lots, libraries, parks and other locations open to the public. They may not enter areas not open to the public, but they may record them if they are visible from a public area.


Attached is a flyer with guidance on how to handle First Amendment Auditors if one happens to come to your building or workplace.


Your safety and peace of mind are the city’s top priorities. Please review this information and reach out to HR if you have any questions.


Carlsbad Night at the Gulls


Also, as a reminder, here’s the link to buy tickets for Carlsbad Night at the Gulls on February 17. Can’t wait to see you there for some #TeamCarlsbad spirit and the opportunity to meet others across different departments.  


Thank you for all that you do and I’ll be back next week with more updates.







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