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Celebrating Earth Month and setting the standard

Our team had yet another exceptional week serving the community, in public and behind the scenes. We hosted hundreds to kick off our Earth Month celebration, took major steps to thwart fraudsters and continued to set the example for our colleagues at agencies across our region.


Sustainable Carlsbad at its finest 

Big shout out to our Environmental Sustainability team for hosting the community on Saturday for the annual Earth Month celebration and compost & mulch giveaway event.


Community members participated in workshops and activities to learn ways they can help the city meet our goal of protecting the natural environment.


If you missed the festivities, a friendly reminder that our team has events planned throughout the month and employees are invited to take part. You can also use a sustainable Carlsbad virtual background this month, or year-round.


A big thanks to Senior Program Manager Avecita Jones, Senior Environmental Specialist Molly Reeves and all staff involved for their work organizing these events and furthering our city’s sustainable efforts.

Prioritizing security and efficiency

Big kudos to the Finance and Information Technology teams for collaborating on a new system that enhances fraud prevention, security and efficiency when paying contractors and other vendors.


Fraud targeting government agencies like us is a common threat around the world. Thankfully, the systems in place for Carlsbad have prevented that from happening and are now even stronger. Specifically, when we pay a vendor or contractor, we have the extra level of trust that our city funds are going to the correct company.


Finance and IT’s work to reduce risk to the organization and maximize efficiency is a prime example of making good on the city’s goal of being a model for effective and efficient local government. It always makes my day when departments work collaboratively to put the “team” in Team Carlsbad. Thanks to all those who worked on this project.

A pleasant surprise at PIO training

Carlsbad Police Public Information Officer Denise Ramirez was participating in a public safety communication training when, lo and behold, the Carlsbad Police Department’s social posts showed up on the PowerPoint. The posts, which Denise oversaw, were used as examples of what to do for the entire session!


Kudos to Denise for helping tell those stories and all those in Police who work in front of and behind the scenes for our community’s safety and awareness.

Passion and authenticity – Women in Leadership recap

Many thanks to HR for organizing a fantastic panel event highlighting women in leadership. I'm very grateful to the panelists for sharing their personal stories of how their careers have grown, helping to inspire others to follow in their footsteps.


I know that success and growth look different for each of us, and the city is here to help. As other panel events get planned for the year, please take advantage of the many on-demand and live training sessions available to you through Carlsbad Learn.

That’s it from me this week. Stay safe, take care and we should be in store for a warm week, so hope you get a chance to enjoy our great community.






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