CA Water Professionals Appreciation Week

California Water Professionals Appreciation Week, Oct 2 – 10, highlights the important role of water industry professionals and local public water agencies in ensuring safe and reliable water, wastewater and recycled water in our state.

Thank you to the city’s diverse and skilled water professionals who work 24/7 to serve our community!

Water Operations Group

Top row: William Divine, Andrew Wilson, Anthony Senvinsky, Eric Sanders

Bottom row: Pedro Preciado, Aaron Pearce, Brian Musser, Raymond Martinez

Construction Maintenance Crew

Top row: Marco Castillo, Oscar Torres, Daniel Steele

Middle row: Ramiro Sandoval, Cristobal Sanchez, Mark Sabelis

Bottom row: Anthony Rodriguez, Matt Jacobs, Lorenzo Davenport

Cross Connection Division

Top row: John Gil, George Crabbe, Daniel Johnson

Bottom row: Michael Espudo, Matthew Metzger

Meter Services

Top row: Mario Remillard, Zillah Otway, Mika Imoto

Bottom row: Shad Cotton, Michael Motas, Marciano Morales

Wastewater Division

Top row: Jesus Castaneda, Omar Agraz, Chris Sherrard, Jeremy Matlock

Middle row: Michael Lichtenfels, Jamie Somera, Thomas Vega, Uvaldo Vergara Jr.

Bottom row: Kyle Wade, Ian Ferrell, Shawn Fejerang