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Budget kick off, upcoming trainings, kudos and more

Hi everyone and I hope you had a good first week of 2024!


While this is the beginning of the new calendar year, we just passed the midpoint of our fiscal year. Last week, we held a kick off meeting with departments to start developing the budget for fiscal year 2024-25, which starts July 1.


I want to acknowledge all the work that every department has already done to find efficiencies and reduce spending. That work combined with strong revenues has given us a little more time to address the projected structural deficit in our General Fund. We will be looking at additional ways to reduce ongoing spending as we prepare next year’s budget, so please continue to share ideas.


Honing our skills

Kudos to HR for putting together a solid lineup of trainings this month. I encourage you to take some time to prioritize your growth and development, which in turn helps us provide the very best, most efficient service possible.


Please work with your supervisors if you are interested in participating in any of the classes below:


Let’s hear it for infrastructure

We got an email over the holiday from a resident saying, “We are so very pleased with the constant improvement and maintenance of Carlsbad’s infrastructure…We love our city and wanted to extend a sincere thanks!”


Maintaining city infrastructure is so important, yet can be taken for granted. That’s why I thought this feedback was especially meaningful.


From designing, funding, coordinating and building everything from the pipes that run under ground to our roads and buildings, this kudos is for so many of you!


So thank you Team Carlsbad! Have a great week and see you soon.





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