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Revamped Carlsbad Learn training platform

The City of Carlsbad is committed to providing the very best employee training and development opportunities and support your growth as a member of Team Carlsbad.

When it comes to a fulfilling and growing career, it’s important to be motivated, maintain a positive mindset and make sure your skills are up to date with the latest programs and technologies. These attributes not only help you in your career, but also improve city operations and how we serve our community.

To encourage you to be a champion for your continued personal and professional growth,

we’re excited to share Carlsbad Learn, the city’s one-stop-shop platform that offers more than 100 on-demand and live training and development sessions.

Topics include:

· Achieving focus and productivity at work

· Resolving conflict and managing transitions

· Live trainings focused on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

· Honing your skills on key software programs like Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Excel

We encourage you to proactively use Carlsbad Learn and sign up for trainings that support you and your team’s professional development goals.

As you browse courses, some may require supervisor approval. On that note, we’ve already reached out to your supervisors to encourage them to allow you to take the time to participate in these trainings.

Watch this video to see how Carlsbad Learn works and access it through your OKTA portal.

Our hope is that these classes help you achieve your greatest potential and support you in the unique ways you serve the community of Carlsbad.

Thank you for participating in these training and development opportunities.

If you have any questions or have a training topic you’d like to recommend, please reach out to



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