Questions about touchless thermometers

Earlier this week the City Manager shared information about new touchless thermometers and COVID screening process that will be available at all city facilities over the next week. Here’s a bit more information.

How is the new screening process different? Instead of using handheld thermometers to scan your forehead and take your temperature before entering a city facility, you’ll instead place your forehead four inches away from the touchless thermometer. Your temperature will appear in less than two seconds. You will now complete your screening form online, instead of via pen and paper.

Why are we changing the current process? We want to reduce the spread of the germs as much as possible. With the new screening process, employees will no longer need to touch pens or thermometers. We believe this will be a more sanitary alternative for screening that will help ensure we protect each other and reduce any workplace exposures.

Do the thermometers track and store temperature information? No, the thermometers only display your temperature for a few seconds and then it’s deleted.

Who has access to the information in the online form? The information collected by the online form is only accessible by specific employees in Human Resources. This information is kept confidential and is only reviewed by Human Resources in the situation of a multiple confirmed cases of COVID at a city facility so that HR staff can quickly notify staff who may have been exposed to a COVID positive employee. This is to comply with county public health order requirements.

I can’t access the online form via the QR code, what do I do? If you can’t access the online form via the QR code, please visit You can bookmark the link for quicker access.

Your safety and peace of mind are of the upmost importance. Members of the city’s COVID-19 task force are available to talk to city employees about this recent change. Here are points of contact:

Judy von Kalinowski: 760-473-4670

Darrin Schwabe: 760-271-5548