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How Three Departments Came Together to Avoid a Surprise

Team Carlsbad,

Hope everyone had a great weekend and thank you to all the moms out there for all that you do.

Continuing on the theme of no surprises, this week’s update once again shows how constant communication and collaboration between departments helped stop a problem brewing underground from becoming a major headache for our community.

Communication and teamwork wins the day

The story begins with staff at Alga Norte Aquatic Center noticing a flooded landscape near the team showers. The soil stayed wet even after the rain stopped and the weather turned warm, so something was amiss.

Staff from Parks & Rec communicated with the teams from Utilities and Fleet & Facilities. Working together, they began investigating the area under the pool deck. The team narrowed down the locations and began digging, removing enough dirt to expose a leaking PVC pipe. They fixed it before the leak got even worse – and that’s because of constant communication. In other words, they avoided what would have been a big (and costly) surprise.


Each staff person brought their expertise to the project, and their outstanding teamwork and coordination made for a job well done. Thank you to all involved!

Fire Official of the Year

Congratulations to Assistant Fire Marshall Darcy Davidson for being named Fire Official of the Year by a statewide building association.

Darcy continues to collaborate alongside the code enforcement community to ensure Carlsbad stays safe.

Keep up the amazing work, Darcy, and congratulations.

Celebrating our clerks

National Municipal Clerks are being celebrated around the country, so I want to take a moment to thank our City Clerks staff for all of the vital services they provide for our city and the community.


Municipal Clerks serve as the professional link between the citizens, local governing bodies and agencies of government at all levels. Kudos for your dedication, year in and out.

Village Faire tradition continues

Tens of thousands of people packed the Village for the recent Carlsbad Village Street Faire.

Events like these involve so many departments, from those who permitted the event and worked it to those who ensured people came and left safely.

Thanks to everyone involved for making this huge community event such a success, showcasing everything great about Carlsbad.


Ramen, boba, halo halo and more

Last week, Team Carlsbad celebrated Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, where they shared cultural foods and traditions.

I appreciate these team bonding events and love seeing staff get together to learn more about each other. 

Thank you to everyone across so many departments who were on the API festival planning committee for making this special event happen.

Prioritizing your mental wellness

May is also National Mental Health Awareness Month, so I wanted to encourage you to take advantage of the resources and programs the city offers.

Even more resources are available on the Employee Assistance Program page.

Thank you again for all that you do for our community. Have a great week. Let’s continue to lift each other up and look out for one another.







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