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Emergency response and so much more

Team Carlsbad,

Tropical Storm Hilary made for a wet, windy and nerve-wracking weekend across our region. I want to state unequivocally how grateful I am to all staff who stepped up to keep our community safe.

From preventing flooding, removing debris and keeping the community informed, your actions were noticed and appreciated by our community.

This is no accident.

In fact, the City Council’s 5-Year Strategic Plan prioritizes public safety as well as being “brilliant at the basics.” That is, without maintaining our day-to-day services and public safety at their current high levels, none of our more aspirational goals would be possible.

That brings me to this year’s State of the City video, which reports out on what’s been accomplished during the first year of the plan’s implementation.

I hope you’ll watch the video and see how the work you do contributes to our five-year goals. You will also get to hear from community members who appreciate your efforts, more than words can often describe.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you are our greatest asset, and I thank you for your commitment to our city and community -- rain or shine.

- Scott



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