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Cybersecurity warning

Hi Team Carlsbad,

News broke this morning about the latest ransomware attack on a city, this time in Dallas. Employees were tipped off when printers on the city’s network spontaneously began printing out ransom notes!

How’d they get in? It’s believed that the group thought to be responsible sends victims a phishing email and when the victim responds, they gain access to their network.


As part of our city’s robust cybersecurity program, all city employees must complete annual training. The deadline for this year’s training is June 30, but given the threat level out there, please consider doing it sooner. One wrong click, and we might be the next Dallas. Let’s not let that happen!

The online training consists of two modules and will take approximately one hour to complete: To access the training, please go to Carlsbad Learn by clicking on the links below:

How you can protect yourself

It’s not just government agencies and businesses that are targeted by these cybercriminals. Individuals can be victims, too. That’s why it’s so important to be cautious and diligent when it comes to online security. Here are some tips recommended by the FBI:

  • Keep systems and software up to date and install a strong, reputable anti-virus program.

  • Create a strong and unique passphrase for each online account you hold and change them regularly. Using the same passphrase across several accounts makes you more vulnerable if one account is breached.

  • Do not open any attachments unless you are expecting the file, document, or invoice and have verified the sender’s email address.

  • Be careful when connecting to a public Wi-Fi network and do not conduct any sensitive transactions, including purchases, when on a public network.

  • Avoid using free charging stations in airports, hotels, or shopping centers. Bad actors have figured out ways to use public USB ports to introduce malware and monitoring software onto devices that access these ports. Carry your own charger and USB cord and use an electrical outlet instead.

Did you know the federal government has entire agency dedicated to preventing cybercrime? It’s called the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, or CISA for short. You can get updates on current threats and the latest scams.

Thank you for doing your part to keep Carlsbad’s systems safe from attack.



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