Cyber Security Awareness Training

Cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility and an annual security awareness video training refresher course is now available. Cybercrime activities are on the rise and your cybersecurity practices are the best way to defend our organization against cybercrime. Security is everyone’s job.

Who is required to complete the training?

  • All full time and part time staff

  • All volunteers who will be accessing the city’s network

  • All police staff who will have additional training (scheduled by their training coordinator)

What you need to know:

  • There are 2 training modules that will take less than an hour to complete:

- 2021 Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training - 45 minutes

- Working from Home in Times of COVID-19

  • You can even pause the video and resume the training at any time as long as you complete it in 90 days from receipt of the invitation

  • To enter the training, go to :

  • You can also access your security training by opening the Portal icon on your desktop and choosing KnowBe4.

  • If you close the course prior to completing, close your browser window also. Once you log back in, you will be able to resume training.

  • A certificate for each training session may be downloaded after completion

Thank you for making cyber security a top priority and keep up the good work!