Vaccination verification and mask rules

This week we’re implementing some new changes to rules in the workplace based on the latest COVID-19 guidance from Cal/OSHA. As of this week, fully vaccinated employees who have verified their vaccination status are no longer required to wear face coverings inside city buildings and vehicles.

If you are fully vaccinated and haven’t completed your “self attestation” online questionnaire, please do that if you would like to go without a mask. Approximately 24 hours after you complete your form, go to the self-attestation results portal to get a confirmation and then provide that to your supervisor.

Unvaccinated employees and fully vaccinated employees who have not verified their vaccination status will be required to wear face coverings inside city buildings and vehicles except:

  • When alone in a room or vehicle

  • When eating and drinking

  • When an accommodation is required

  • When job duties make a face covering infeasible or create a hazard

No face coverings will be required outdoors, regardless of vaccination status. More information can be found on the intranet here.

Of course, all employees are welcome to continue to wear masks and maintain social distance if they choose to. Your safety and peace of mind remain our top priorities.

Employee privacy We understand the importance of keeping employee health information private. Only HR and your supervisor will have access to your vaccination status and only for the purpose of implementing the Cal/OSHA rules.

Vaccinations recommended by health officials

Employees are not required to be vaccinated, but the CDC, California Department of Public Health and County of San Diego Public Health Officer recommend it. Getting vaccinated is the best way to not only protect yourself from COVID-19 but to prevent further community spread. The more COVID-19 spreads, the greater the chance of new, potentially more serious variants. You can find information on where and how to get vaccinated on the city’s website.

Thank you for continuing to help us keep everyone safe and doing your part to either get vaccinated or wear a face covering.