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Summertime telecommuting

Summer is upon us here in Carlsbad! The sun is out, the beach is calling, and the kids are on vacation. 😊

For those who can take advantage of the city’s telecommuting policy, please keep in mind that although the summer vibe feels more casual, working from home should still look and sound no different from your in-office professional image.

A few friendly reminders:

  • Turn your camera on in meetings and present the same professional image you would in the office (no hoodies, graphic tees, workout clothes, robes, etc.).

  • Remain as accessible as you would in the office, via telephone, MS Teams, email, etc.

  • Do not let kids or pets join you during virtual meetings.

  • Telecommuting is not a substitute for childcare. If you have a gap in childcare coverage, please request time off from your supervisor.

  • Keep your regular schedule, including lunch and breaks, if applicable.

  • You must have a fast enough internet connection to participate in virtual meetings without interruption.

  • Employees must complete an application and get approval in advance to telecommute.

  • Supervisors will do their best to accommodate requests, but it will not work for all employees and teams.

  • Likewise, even if you telecommute now, that could change in the future, at the discretion of your supervisor.

The goal of the city’s telecommuting policy is to 1) provide greater flexibility and other benefits to our workforce while 2) maintaining the highest level of service to our community and 3) a strong sense of teamwork among city staff.

Please review the telecommuting policy to help ensure we continue to meet all three of these important goals.

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