Response required – COVID-19 vaccine survey

As a city and organization, we’ve always taken pride in our planning and preparation for what’s to come. As a result, when it comes to COVID-19, we have been able to adapt to changing needs, protect our employees’ health and maintain our core city services while maintaining one of the lowest per capita case rates in the San Diego region.

As we look ahead, the state and federal governments have recently instituted some mandatory vaccination programs and indicated more are to come. To prepare for this possibility, the city needs to gather accurate information on the current vaccination status of our employees.

That is why, under the City Manager's authority as Emergency Services Director and with the direction of City Council, the city is requiring all employees to fill out the Carlsbad Safe@Work survey with your vaccination status.

  • This information will be used solely to ensure the city is able to plan ahead in case of a vaccine mandate affecting Carlsbad.

  • The information you share will be kept confidential under the provisions of federal law and only used for COVID-19 planning, prevention, response and compliance reasons.

Your health, safety and peace of mind have always been our top priorities.

If you have questions about this survey, please contact HR at

Thank you for all you do for each other and those we serve. We all play a critical role in this ongoing emergency and together, we are keeping Team Carlsbad and our community safe.

Take the Carlsbad Safe@Work survey at

Deadline to complete the survey: Wednesday, Sept. 29, noon