Reopening gradually and safely

Updated: Apr 1

While many city employees have worked remotely since about this time last year, some returned to modified schedules or locations last fall. Others, like our public safety personnel, maintenance workers, streets and utility crews, inspectors, and parks staff, have worked in the field all along, although with many new precautions in place.

Already open (with precautions)

Police, fire and emergency services

Parks maintenance

Libraries (computer use, printing/copying, and library account services; curbside library material pickup service)

Senior meal delivery and drive-through pickup

Public records

Facilities maintenance

Building inspections


Parks, beaches, preserves and trails

Aquatic centers

Now, as more health restrictions are lifted and vaccines become widely available, we are ready to proceed with a thoughtful, incremental return to additional in person services.

Slow and steady

All along, we have emphasized the importance of your health, safety and peace of mind. These considerations, along with ensuring our actions are consistent with the county’s health order, also guide how and when more in person services resume, starting with the following:

Opening April 1

Police and Fire Headquarters front lobby services

Opening April 5

Community centers (10% occupancy, not to include Senior Center or Harding Community Center)

Leo Carrillo Ranch Park’s historic structures and visitor center (25% occupancy)

Libraries (browsing materials and self-serve checkout, limited days and hours)

Cannon Art Gallery (50% occupancy, limited days and hours)

Opening April 12

Building, planning and engineering counter, by appointment only, 2 days a week

Faraday cashier, 2 days a week

You can see more details in this reopening dashboard. If you don’t work in one of the areas mentioned above, your work arrangements will continue as is for now.

Safety precautions

While buildings have been closed (or mostly closed), facilities staff has installed new HVAC filtering systems, physical barriers and other changes. You can learn more about those in the video below:

Prior to resuming in person work, each facility must complete a safe reopening plan, make physical changes to enable social distance, display signs listing health precautions, and undergo an inspection by an independent health and safety expert. The city’s overall plan and individual facility plans will be available to all employees.

Again, we are doing everything we can to not only comply with health regulations but make sure employees feel comfortable in their work environments.

Reopening information hub

Even though we are starting small, we understand that reopening city facilities is going to eventually change how many of us have been working. Please know we are here to support you through this transition.

We have developed an online reopening hub where you can get all the latest information, download signs you may need for your work area, get answers to commonly asked questions and submit any new questions you have. You can also access the city’s face mask and telecommuting policies, find child care resources and get vaccine information.

Next steps

If you support the in-person city services that will be opening in the coming weeks, please coordinate with your supervisor to determine your work schedule, safety protocols and other preparations.

Even though the idea of returning to some sense of normalcy is exciting, I know that transitions can be stressful, especially coming on the heels of so many other changes over the past year. Please know that we are here for you. I am confident that we will manage through this next phase of the pandemic the same way we have gotten this far, by taking care of ourselves, caring for each other and staying focused on our mission of public service.

I will share more updates as they are available. Thank you for all you do to #Care4Carlsbad.