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Next steps on masks

As noted in the City Manager’s citywide email Tuesday, to allow vaccinated employees to forego face coverings, the city must first have a process to document employee vaccination status. This is to comply with the newly adopted revisions to the Cal/OSHA Emergency Temporary Standards, which took effect immediately by executive order of the governor.

According to the revised standards, vaccination status must be documented for any employee not wearing a face covering. One option is for employees to self-attest to their vaccination status, and the employer maintains a record. The city has adopted this option and created an online form for employees to verify their vaccination status. Responses to this form will determine who in the city meets the requirements to be exempt from wearing a face covering while working in city facilities or vehicles.

Here is the link to the online questionnaire:

Those employees who meet the requirements will be able to see a confirmation that they are exempt from wearing a face covering in city facilities or vehicles by going to the self-attestation results portal approximately 24 hours from the time they submit their information. The portal will go live at 12 p.m. on June 25. Employees receiving this exemption must provide the confirmation either in electronic or hard-copy format to their supervisor to verify their exemption. Employees will be required to continue wearing a face covering while in city facilities or vehicles per Cal/OSHA regulations if they do not provide an exemption confirmation to their supervisor. Employees will not receive an exemption if they decline to complete the self-attestation or the information they submitted in the online form indicates that they do not meet the requirements for an exemption.

A person’s vaccination status is a personal medical matter and should not be discussed among employees.

Employees may choose to continue to wear face coverings for many reasons unrelated to vaccination status. Any form of harassment, discrimination or retaliation for wearing or not wearing a face covering is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.

Department supervisors and managers will be responsible for ensuring staff continue to wear face coverings while in a city facility if they have not produced the exemption notification.

Please contact Human Resources at if you have questions.

Thank you for continuing to help us keep everyone safe and doing your part to either get vaccinated or wear a face covering.

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