New employee appointment links available

We are happy to report that additional vaccination appointments are now available at Operation Collaboration sites for eligible city employees.

To see if you are eligible, check the county’s guidance below:

Emergency services workers

Food handlers (senior meal delivery)

Individuals at high risk

Attached is a PDF with time, date and location information and links to make appointments. These links are for local government employees only. Do not share:

What to do next

1. Check your email. You received an email on March 30 with an attached eligibility letter. If you are eligible under the emergency services or food handler criteria, please fill in your name and be prepared to show a copy (printed or digital) to the personnel at the vaccination site, along with your city ID and driver’s license. If you are eligible as a person at high risk, you do not need the letter, just your city ID and driver’s license.

Vaccination sites make the final determination about eligibility, not the city. This means you could be turned away if the site personnel find that you do not meet the eligibility requirements.

2. You may make an appointment at any location providing vaccines, including Operation Collaboration sites, your own health care provider, a county vaccination site or a pharmacy. The city has direct links to many of these providers on its website.

3. Vaccine supply remains limited. If the Operation Collaboration sites are full, you can continue to check other vaccination sites for new appointments. We will advise you of additional Operation Collaboration site appointments as they become available, which could be after hours or on the weekend.

Information about eligibility and answers to commonly asked questions are available on the city website. Members of the city’s COVID-19 task force are available to talk to city employees. Here are points of contact:

Judy von Kalinowski: 760-473-4670

Darrin Schwabe: 760-271-5548

Kevin Lynds: 619-253-1412