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June celebrations, kudos and more

Team Carlsbad – Can you believe it is already June? The year is flying by. But that’s also a testament to the amazing, collaborative work you are continuing to do to keep Carlsbad the great community that it is.

Proclaiming Pride Month

On Tuesday, City Council will proclaim June to be Pride Month in the City of Carlsbad.

Our DEI Committee has arranged for LGBTQ-Plus Equity Talks throughout the month. You can register on Carlsbad Learn.

I’m so grateful to everyone who is helping our organization embrace the principals of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Designing the future

Our Community Development staff have been working hard on several projects that will help the city comply with new state laws aimed at creating more affordable housing.

In addition to updating several sections of the city’s code related to housing, the team worked with the community to create objective design standards for new apartments, condos and mixed-use projects. These draft standards are now out for public review and will help the city ensure these kinds of projects fit in with the overall character of the city. Protecting Carlsbad’s unique community character is one of the key goals in the City Council’s 5-Year Strategic Plan.

Kudos to Principal Planner Robb Efird, Associate Planner Shelley Glennon, City Planner Eric Lardy and the entire Community Development team for this important work.

Utilities Director tapped for new role

The City Council also serves as the Board of Directors for the Carlsbad Municipal Water District. In this capacity, they appointed Utilities Director Vicki Quiram to represent the CMWD on the San Diego County Water Authority Board of Directors. Vicki’s expertise and knowledge about water issues will help ensure our local interests are well-represented at the regional level.

Budget workshop

Last week, our staff hosted a community budget workshop at the Faraday Center.

Over two hours, staff went over the budget in detail, answered questions and took feedback from the community. In the end, some of our most frequently engaged residents expressed appreciation for the opportunity, with one calling it the best public workshop she’d ever seen!

Kudos to everyone involved!

That’s it from me this week.

I’ll be back with more updates. Stay safe, be kind to one another and have a great week.




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