Got a short-term project? We have an intern for that!

Learn about the city’s Internship Program and how you can engage with a new generation of talented and tech savvy individuals to support your team!

Interns can be available for micro projects that are just a few weeks in duration. With just a minimal training investment on your part, this is the time to get some of those small projects off your plate that you and your team haven’t had time to complete. Longer terms interns are also available, typically for 3 to 6 month terms.

Watch this quick video:

Here are some other benefits of hiring an intern:

  • Enhance perspective. Interns bring more to the table than just an extra set of hands. They can bring novel perspectives and specialized strengths and skill sets, especially in the virtual workplace.

  • Foster leadership skills in current employees. As current employees mentor and supervise interns, they’ll gain valuable leadership skills. This can be great training for an employee who will eventually occupy a management position.

  • Improve the overall work environment. With interns on board, employees have a lighter workload, more time for creative or advanced projects and the opportunity to build confidence and leadership by guiding others.

  • Mutual benefit. Provide an opportunity to a motivated student to explore a career path and gain valuable experience.

Find out how you can add an intern to your team here: