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Commitment to kindness and celebrating diversity

Team Carlsbad --

Hope you had an awesome and safe Super Bowl weekend. While our area sadly doesn’t have an NFL team anymore, I hope you still were able to enjoy the game and all the festivities with your friends and loved ones. And if this wasn’t your team’s year, remember there’s always next year.

As for Team Carlsbad, we have a lot of great wins to report!

Challenge Accepted: Kindness

Each day, we interact with dozens of people, some as brief as a head-nod to someone passing in the hallways, while others we sit with in hourlong meetings. To be honest, we never truly know what’s inside that person’s head, and it's amazing how even a small act of kindness toward them can cause a positive ripple effect on their day.

That’s why I am especially excited for this Friday, which is National Random Act of Kindness Day. I want to challenge all of you to stop and think about how even small good deeds can turn someone’s day around and even inspire them to do something kind for someone else. I hope that you’ll take the time to do random acts of kindness for your team members and lift each other up.

In fact, Team Carlsbad has already gotten a head start in this year’s Great Kindness Challenge, with the Police and Fire Departments visiting students at Jefferson Elementary. They greeted the kids with high fives and addressed them in an assembly with insight as to why good deeds are important throughout life.

We’d love to share how Team Carlsbad is helping one another. Whether you carried out a kind act or were on the receiving end, please do fill us in us by emailing Your story can be anonymous, or feel free to include a photo if you feel comfortable.

Spreading the word on Safer Streets Together

We are continuing to build amazing momentum on getting the word out on traffic safety.

Just two weeks after first responders and members of our staff distributed Safer Streets Together materials to parents at Valley Middle School and Magnolia Elementary, they were at it again – Thursday at Aviara Oaks Middle School.

Instead of greeting parents at drop off, this time staff met them under the afternoon sun at pickup to distribute hundreds of fliers and yard signs. Going right to parents is a big part of our Safer Streets Together pledge, and they received all sorts of safety information for bikers, walkers and drivers.

I am floored by the commitment our staff has shown in helping promote safety and the message that we’re all in this together.

Even if you aren’t involved in passing out materials, you can make a difference by taking the pledge and showing your support for Safer Streets by putting up a window cling and yard sign.

Thank you to staff in Finance who are supporting Safer Streets! Pick up your materials at our libraries, City Hall or Faraday Center. You can find all the information here.

Honoring Black History Month

Members of our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion committee received a City Council proclamation declaring February Black History Month. The month honors the Black community for the contributions they have made and continue to make to our society.

Thank you to the DE&I committee for doing a fantastic job of making sure everyone feels represented, and for continuing to carry out their mission with such enthusiasm.

Celebrating Lunar New Year

Staff joined millions around the world in celebrating the Lunar New Year earlier this month at the Faraday Center.

Attendees enjoyed paper lantern making, calligraphy and fortune telling while learning about the cultural meaning behind the holiday and eating traditional snacks and drinks. There was also a wishing tree made of cherry blossom branches and lucky red envelopes filled with tickets to play special Lunar New Year games. Zodiac displays explained why this is the “Year of the Rabbit” and how people could find out which animal and characteristics represent their birth year.

The occasion was a welcoming, inclusive gathering that promoted celebration, learning and cultural understanding, and a special thanks goes to our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee for hosting this special event.

Mandatory training reminder

Wanted to give you another quick reminder about the mandatory compliance training for Sexual Harassment Prevention Training and Ethics Training. It’s required every two years – you may think you just took it but believe it or not that was already two years ago!

While Sexual Harassment Prevention is required for everyone, the ethics training is only required for Form 700 filers. You can find the trainings on Carlsbad Learn. All required training will be due before March 31. It’s a good idea to knock this out early so you aren’t scrambling at the end!

That’s it from me this week. Thanks again for all your great work, and I’ll be back with more updates as they come in. Until then, stay safe, be kind to one another and I’ll talk to you soon.




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